Radon Map


Radon Map of Canada


In 2007 Health Canada started testing their federal building for Radon levels to protect their employees.

We believe the Radon level in your home or building should be as low as reasonably achievable.





Preventable Illness


Radon Gas  has been proven to be much more harmful than Health Canada first thought. It’s not possible to see, smell or taste Radon Gas.

Have your home or office tested for Radon Gas so you can take action if necessary.

Lung Cancer Deaths due to Radon exposure are the only Cancer deaths that are 100% preventable!




Do you have a healthy home?


Health Canada believes, one in three Ontario homes have radon levels that could be a considerable health risk of lung cancer over many years of exposure. You won’t know if your Home or Business falls into this one in three unless you test The Radon Gas Levels.


Use Licensed Inspectors When Testing For Radon

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